What makes Darmani different?

Darmani Grain Storage Systems is a family owned and operated grain bin manufacturing company located in the heart of the Prairies. We are innovators in the market, providing much more value than just grain storage bins.

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Flat Bottom Grain Bins

Darmani Flat Bottom Grain Bins are a great way to ensure your grain is safe and secure. We offered both stiffened and unstiffened bin models for cement and steel mounting. Exclusive features include a 52” track mounted lid, easy access door, swing air and cross air.


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Grain Bin Storage Packages

We take the guesswork out of grain storage solutions by providing various packages from flat bottom bins, to hopper bins, whether small scale or large storage up to 40,000 bushels. Our packages are ready to go with all the accessories that you need to fit your storage needs.


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Hopper Bins

Darmani Hopper Bins are offered in both stiffened and unstiffened bin models featuring exclusive 52” track mounted remote lid opener. The cones are manufactured with 5" tube steel and are available for steel or concrete floor mount.


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Questions About Grain Storage?

Equally important to planting and harvesting, is how you will store and protect your grain. With all the options, accessories and features available, we are here to answer any questions that your may have and helping you make the most informed decision.


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Unload System

Your time is valuable. Why spend it clearing out a grain bin by hand? With our Unload System, the task is simple and virtually effortless!


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Roof Construction

Our bins are topped with an interlocking V-rib roof design that has a rating over 5000lbs. Add a vented lid that allows you to aerate your grain with the lid closed. Open the lid from the ground and avoid a trip up to the top. Enjoy a large opening for filling, while having a a leakproof and windproof seal.


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Stiffened Bins

Providing a greater storage capacity without bumping up to the next size. Our stiffened bins add structural strength and stability, allowing bins to be built higher, thus holding more grain.


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"That is the nicest steel floor that I have ever put together. We didn’t have to drill any holes or anything. Almost all our bins are on steel floors and we always have to fight, struggle and drill to get them to fit. Your bin floor fit perfect.I like the big lid. They open very nicely. It was easy for me to adjust it to leave it open slightly for ventilation." ~ Peter H - Glenavon, SK


Make an informed purchasing decision. We have researched and combined various product and competitor comparisons to make the decision easier.



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