Why should you purchase a DARMANI steel grain bin as a solution to your grain storage problem?

While there are many options for you to choose, this will show you why grain bins are not only cost effective but the most user friendly as well. 

Grain Bags

Grain Bags offer you grain protection at the fraction of the price of a larger steel bin for the imminent future. Unfortunately these plastic bags do not fair well in the winter and may break easily if not managed correctly. As soon as they are structurally compromised they are no longer reusable, and will not last as many years as you may have intended. Once broken through the grain may pile on the ground drawing not only deer and other wildlife but also insects. Feces from these critters can destroy all of your grain leaving it unsellable. 

Placement of grain bags is very important as they should be kept on higher land, but they are often too large to be put in a bin yard and instead sit out in the field. If you wanted to access the bags in the winter time, you would need to clear all the snow out from around the bag. While grain bags are a better solution than keeping your grain in piles on the ground so it doesn't lose its grade, they are not actually cheaper than grain bins at 21 cents a bushel for the bag (for 25 years) and 15 cents a bushel for a bin for 25 years. 

Steel Grain Bins

Steel grains bins do a very good job of keeping grain off the ground and away from not only pests but exposure to any elements. Keeping the grain in bins affords both easier and faster access and monitoring of the crops. When bins are stored in the yard they are also much more secure than grain stored in the field. A farmer can't afford to jeopardize the means by which he lives by keeping the crop so far away from a road and any monitoring that may take place during the winter months. 

Bins make it much easier to keep a neater farm yard. They take up less space per bushel than grain bags and are both more aesthetically and monetarily pleasing than wooden bins for upkeep. Fitting an auger underneath a hopper or through a door is much simpler and faster than having to shovel out the grain by hand. Also, each steel bin has a level indicator  which allows you to see how full each of your bins is, and just what kind of grain is inside. 

Steel bins allow for much easier access for loading and unloading of grain. Whether it is attached to a steel floor, cement or hopper bottom, grain loss is much less and marketable quality is much better. Steel bins may have a higher initial cost, but its value retains itself long after you are done using the bin and want to move on.

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