Assembling the Aeration Tunnel Arches

Lay out your pieces for the aeration skeleton. (**note: The aeration legs for the front of the aeration tunnel are shorter than the rest of the legs (AC). Be sure to place these legs near the door.)

When assembling the first arch, only one AW is used. It must be placed on the inside of the arch with bolts on the inside and nuts on the outside of the arch. Do not fill the top four holes.

Also on the first arch only one AX piece on either side of the air legs is used. These pieces must also go on the inside of the arch and on the same side as AW.

On the other side of the arch, mount the air plate (AS), and pieces AO and AAR/AAL. This will mount to the inside of the door.

**IMPORTANT Do not tighten any bolts until the aeration skeleton is complete!





Assembling the Tunnel Skeleton

Attach an aeration beam to the back side of the aeration arch. This will bolt on to the four holes that you left open when attaching pieces AW. **note: bolts should run into the arch with nuts on the inside.

Assemble the remaining aeration arches. Use two AW pieces on either side of the top of each arch, keeping the top four holes empty. Also, use two AX pieces on both sides of the aeration legs.

Assemble the skeleton, using aeration beams between each arch.




Mounting Winch Plate

Between the first and second section of the aeration tunnel, you need to mount your winch plate (see picture).

On the final arch, the back plate will be mounted.




Cross Brace Installation

Next attach all cross braces in each tunnel section.

X- braces need to be installed at this time as well. The placement of these braces will depend on the size of your aeration tunnel. Please refer to your manual for proper placement of these braces.




Aeration Tunnel Side Panels

Next, attach your aeration side panels to the first section. Be sure to attach the side panels before attaching the roof panels and the sheets should overlap as in the picture.

Complete each section before moving on to the next section so that all panels overlap consistently. Attach the roof channel pieces for your winch cable.




Aeration Tunnel Leg Braces

As you add the side sheets to the aeration, you also need to bolt on the leg braces (see photo). Once all the pieces are in place you can tighten up all the aeration bolts.

Now, you can attach the aeration ‘feet’. Be sure that the feet are touching the floor of the bin. It is important that the weight of the aeration tunnel is resting on the aeration feet.


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