Assembling the Lid Ring

Be sure the nuts are on the outside of the ring. Be sure all the flaps are opening in the same direction.




Threading the Rope

Step 1: Attach the rope bracket. Use a nut on each bolt as a spacer.

Step 2: Thread the black rope through the bracket, moving from inside to out.

Step 3: Thread the black rope back under the bracket and out the opposite side.

Step 4: Thread the black rope through the holes on the black flaps. Go all around the ring. When you get back to the bracket, thread the rope under the bracket and back through the slot. Both ends of the rope should exit the bracket over the centre bolt and down.




Attaching the Vent Ring

Bend the tabs on part LE up 90 degrees. Bolt part LE onto the ring with nuts on the outside of the ring. Attach lid flange braces (LH) to the ring and lid body. Attach lid joiner plate (LL). Be sure that the lid body is square. Caulk around all the seams and gaps.




Attaching the Track

Attach the lid track holder plates (LC) on either side of the lid body. Attach track brackets on either side (LGL and LGR). Attach lid tracks using flat headed track bolts. Attach track braces on either side. Use a washer on the first bolt of the track brace to keep the brace aligned (see yellow arrow). You need to drill a hole where the track crosses the track brace (see blue arrow)


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