Caulking the Seams

Using your lifting device, raise the roof approximately 5 feet. This should give you enough clearance for the next ring.

Using a rag, wipe down the bottom of the first ring. This is to remove the protective oil on the steel and will help the caulking to stick. Place a short piece (8-12 inches) of caulking horizontally at every seam. The caulking needs to be applied to the ‘low’ side of the seam. So if you are moving in a clockwise direction, the caulking will be applied to the bin sheet to the right of the seam. (*note – the photo is reversed left-right)




Stiffener Extension

Now is a good time to place the splicer plates on the short stiffeners (remember for an odd number ring bin only). Do not fill the bottom holes on the splicer plate as you will use these to connect the next stiffener.

All stiffener bolts bolt the nuts on the outside of the bin while wall sheets bolt the nuts on the inside of the bin.




Completing the Bin Walls

Continue down and around the bin. Remember, to add a ladder section with each ring. After the first ladder section the rest of the ladder sections should bolt onto the seams between rings.

Be sure that the cables hanging under the name sheet are pulled through as you raise the bin as well.




Tips for Walls

To help speed things along, using a punch you can fan out the number of sheets you need for the next ring. Wipe the edges of the sheets down with a clean rag. Place your strip caulking between the edge of the sheet and the bolt holes, on each sheet. Now you only have to place the strip caulking on the horizontal seams as you work your way around the bin.

When adding a bin sheet, do not fill the seam from the top down. First, place a bolt at the top of the seam, the middle of the seam and one at the bottom. Then go back and fill the seam. This will make it easier for the sheets to line up.

Be sure to place any cords you are using in the space between the floor halves. If your cord is draped over the floor side wall, the cord may be cut or damaged by the bottom edge of the bin.


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