Installing the Swing Door Brackets

When you get to the second last ring, both sides of the small door sheet bolts to the inside of the bin (see picture). Please note the holes that haven’t been filled with bolts. This is where the black sheet with the latch for the safety hook will bolt to the outside of the bin. Be sure to caulk all the way around this sheet prior to attaching it to the bin (*note: you may choose to use the tube caulking to ensure a very good seal and be sure of no gaps around this sheet).

Finish the last two rings as usual. After the last set of stiffeners has been mounted, tighten up all the nuts and bolts on all the stiffeners and bin sheets. Attach the stiffener ‘feet’.

You can now attach the black brackets for the swing door. There is one bracket for the left hand side and two brackets for the right hand side.

You can now set the bin down on the floor. Be sure the bin is outside the ring on the floor and the stiffener feet are sitting on the lip of the floor outside the ring.




Assembling the Door Frame

Step 1: Take the slotted door frame flange and bend it into a curve. Bolt the flange onto the door frame sub-assembly. Do not tighten the bolts – leave them loose. Do this for both the top and bottom assembly.

Step 2: Set the bottom assembly onto the bottom of the door frame.

Step 3: Using one 1 ½ long - 5/16” bolt, attach the bottom assembly to the door frame. Use an impact to tighten the nut and then finish attaching the assembly with 3/8’s bolts. Do the same for the top assembly.

Step 4: Mount the black panel above the door. This is where your safety cable will hook when your aeration is raised.

Step 5: Be sure to caulk all the way around the outside of this plate as well as caulk the bolt heads. This is important to prevent water infiltration.

Step 6: Next, set the door wing into place on either side of the door opening.

Step 7: Put a bead of tube caulking on the back side of the angle iron that goes on the outside of the door wing. This is an important step to prevent water infiltration around the door.

Step 8: Attach the angle iron to the outside of the bin.

Step 9: Slide the door frame sides into place. Be sure the tabs at the top and bottom fit flush into their slots.




Door Frame Brackets

Step 1: Attach pieces DO on the top and bottom of the left side of the door frame.

Step 2: Using the tube caulking, caulk the seams in the corners of the door frame. Attach the corner angle pieces in all corners.

Step 3: On the inside of the door frame attach pieces DS 
(four corners) inside the wing and pieces DV and DT (DT is a space for DV)




Mounting the Door

Step 1: Mount the swing arm on the door brackets that were installed on the right side of the door.

Step 2: Attach pieces DH and DI to the door skin. (not pictured)

Step 3: Mount the door skin to the swing arm.

Step 4: Attach the door latch to the door skin and drill a hole into the swing arm for the latch to line up with. This is to lock the door into place while the aeration is on.




Mounting the Fan

Your finished door skin should look like this. The door foam must be placed on the door skin, not on the door frame, in order to get a good seal. The best way to do this is to crawl in the bin and close the door. Using a permanent marker, mark the top and bottom of the door skin were it touches to frame. This is where to place the foam. Along the sides, the door foam will fit between the edge of the skin and the vertical angle iron.

After mounting the fan, you may want to caulk around all the bolts/nuts on the door skin to prevent water penetration.




Door Latch Install

Attach the door latch to the left side of the door.

Attach the door latch lock to the door frame (see arrow) directly across from where the door latch pivots.




Door Checklist

If you have having air or water leak through your door, check the following…
✔︎ Is your door foam sealing properly to your door frame?
✔︎ Did you caulk all the areas discussed?
✔︎ Are you having difficulty closing the door? It may be possible that the door isn’t lined up with the door frame. Climb inside the bin and close the door. The angle irons on the door skin should not come into contact with the door frame. If it does, loosen the top and bottom four bolts that hold the door skin in place and using a crowbar, move the door slightly to the left or right.

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