Attaching the Saucer

Attach lid saucer bracket to either side of the lid. Nuts go to the outside of the saucer. Attach the end brackets to the saucer brackets. The end brackets on the front of the saucer (near the latch) should be pointing down (see yellow arrow) and the end brackets at the back of the saucer should be pointing up (orange arrow).




Assembling the Latch

Using the flat headed track bolts, attach the latch base (LI) to the saucer with bolts on top of the saucer. Feed the 2” hex bolt through the spring and attach the lid latch to the lid latch base. Tie orange rope to the latch.




Track/Roller Setup

Slide the lid wheels and collars onto the end bracket. Leave the collars loose until the lid has been adjusted on the track. Slide the lid on to the track. Attach the track support bar to the back of the tracks. Plug the hole in the centre of the saucer with a bolt and nut. After adjusting the end brackets so the lid slides smoothly, tighten the collars on the front rollers so they are centred on the roller. Tighten the collars on the back rollers so they are snug to the edge closest to the track. The front rollers should be able to float a bit but the collar on the back roller is to ensure the roller does not come off the track. 

Measure and mark the centre of the track support bar. Drill two holes for the rope guide (u-bolt). Thread two nuts onto the ubolt, place it into the drilled holes and attach two nuts under the bar.




The Guide Bolt

At the back of the lid, attach a bolt (pointing outward). This bolt should line up with a hole drilled in the back of the lid saucer. If the bolt catches on the hole, then the lid bracket end plates most likely need adjustment. When the lid closes, the bolt should line up with the hole every time. If it is catching just on the edge, the hole can be drilled out slightly to give it more room to line up.


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