Preparing for the Pad

The bin pad should be located in a well drained area. Pad foundation should be a minimum of 6" above ground level and 18' wider than the bin diameter. The foundation top should be 4" of crushed rock (3/4 in diameter). Foundation must be well packed. For multiple bin installations, the gravel pad should be continuous with 3-4' space between each bin. If installing a Skylift, the distance between bins must be 5'5". Measure out your pad. Mark the centre and the edges of where the bin floor will sit. Line up your floor with the marks on the pad.




Flipping the Floor

Using your lifting device, pick up the bin floor using the attached tabs. Swing the floor over the pad, lining the floor up with the measurement marks. Lay the floor down on its side. Remove the shipping brackets that hold the two sides of the floor together.




Laying the Floor Out

Lift the top side of the floor up. Be sure to carefully clean the seam of the bin floor. Remove any rocks, dirt or debris before setting down the top half of the floor. Carefully line up the two sides of the floor. Gently lower the top half of the floor being sure that as the floors overlap, no debris is caught in the seam.




Unpacking the Crate

Using an 15/16 socket, remove the top bolts out of the crate. Using your lifting device and a sling, lift your roof sheets out of the crate and set to the side. Lift your wall sheets out of the crate and set on your bin floor (be sure to leave room to walk around the sheets). You may also want to place your aeration/door pallet on the bin floor. Lift out the stiffener bundle and set to the side. Take the time to finish breaking down the bin crate as it will make it easier for you to transport back to Darmani.


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