There are many different ways to spread and seal the floor. This is just one method.

Attach to pieces of angle iron to the floor using self tapping screws. Do this to both sides of the bin at the ends of the seam.

Using a hydraulic cylinder/jack slowly apply pressure to both sides of the floor. Do this for both sides of the floor seam.Once the bin floor flange has created a tight seal to the bin walls, you can seal the floor. First, pry up the upper edge of the bin floor and apply a generous bead of caulking to the bottom half of the floor where the two sides overlap. Then attach the two sides using the self tapping screws. Once the floor is secure, remove the angle iron, being sure to caulk any holes left behind. You must also attach the filler plates at this time. Be sure to caulk all around them to create a good seal.


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