The bin pad should be located in a well drained area. Pad foundation should be a minimum of 6" above ground level and 18' wider than the bin diameter. The foundation top should be 4" of crushed rock (3/4 in diameter). Foundation must be well packed. For multiple bin installations, the gravel pad should be continuous with 3-4' space between each bin.

Assemble the lid ring. Be sure the nuts are on the outside of the ring. Be sure all the flaps are opening in the same direction.

Attach lid saucer bracket to either side of the lid. Nuts go to the outside of the saucer. Attach the end brackets to the saucer brackets.

Using the floor as your level base, start the first ring for the roof. When adding the next sheet, always overlap the sheets in a clockwise direction.

Using your lifting device, raise the roof approximately 5 feet. This should give you enough clearance for the next ring.

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