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Realizing that the lid is an important part of the bin and the frustration that is caused as a result of a poor design was crucial in the overall design of the Darmani lid. Unlike competitors, this lid features a track mounted roller bearing style so that it is easy to open and close. The standard 52” lid opening opens up all the way, which unlike competitors whom opens up only partial way accommodates larger augers. Having a catch in both the front and back means that the lid can out perform all lid designs when it comes to both wind and moisture protection. Optional venting controlled from the ground can eliminate the need for some additional roof vents on some bin models.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important when running fans under cold conditions to make sure vents on lid or other roof vents are clear to avoid roof damage.

Yes, we can mount our Skylift onto our hopper bins. Our Skylifts are easy to install and are priced a lot less than traditional stair cases.

NOTE: One Skylift with the connecting platform can do two bins so it makes it safe and cost effective.

Click here to watch the Skylift in operation.

Darmani premium is the best available. Pound for pound, steel for steel, Darmani offers a stronger yet more efficient design featuring more legs and more support braces than Westeel.

Hopper Cone Package Comparison

Simply. A lot less. Not only are you getting a better product, you will find yourself substantial savings due to our Factory Direct sales approach. We offer everything in house from manufacturing and financing options to delivery and set up all with one simple call.

Competitor Comparison

The weights are very similar in that we use the same gauge of construction, galvanized coating and sheet size. Some of our bins are generally a little heavier due to heavier steel in the door and a more advanced lid design.

Wall Sheet Gauge Comparison

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