Yes, we offer a seal form kit in the form of a 16” ring which bolts directly to the bin.

Yes, you can mount our bins onto a cement foundation. Simply add a base angle iron ring or seal form with your bin purchase.

Just like the concrete, the base is extremely important. The bin is only as good as the base that is used. This stands true for both the sub base for concrete as well as steel floors. We are recommending a very similar base to that if you were to put on concrete. A very well packed sand/clay/mixture.

Hopper Cone Foundation Preparation Recommendations
Flat Bottom Grain Bin Foundation Preparation Recommendations

As long as you have a good foundation (Click for steel floor foundation guide), you can put a very popular 3609 (31,000 bushel) bin. It also may require some heavy duty anchors which are installed on stiffened bins which help distribute weight more evenly and can be adjusted if any settling were to occur.

A lot less. One of reasons is the fact that Darmani both manufacters and sale factory direct steel floors eliminating dealers and distributors. Cement, if done right, is very expensive when you add in all the costs--cement (@$220/yard), rebar, labour and seal form. Depending on area, how busy contractors are with commercial projects, and time of year, cement can sometimes be nearly double the costs of steel floor which makes grain storage very expensive. Click for a detailed comparison.

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