Yes, everything including set up and delivery can be added to one convenient lease making one easy payment.

Aeration fans can be shipped by common transport or in the back of a half ton truck.

Darmani bin packages feature steel floors that are made in half and packaging to accommodate handling which can be picked up by regular truck/trailers but will depend on both size and weights of bin packages.

Darmani delivers with self-unloading picker-equipped trailers. This eliminates both potential damage and the need for customers to supply equipment.

Yes, we offer delivery to farm with picker equipped trailers for easy unloading.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery dates are April 1st to November 1st
  • One (1) week notice will be given to all customers as we require someone with signing authority to be present upon drop-offs.
  • All of DARMANI deliveries are done with picker equipped trailers for self unloading.
  • Delivery rates are based on a loaded mile with a hauling capacity of 2-4 complete packages/load.
  • DARMANI combines delivery with other customers and divides freight costs accordingly.
  • Refer to your personal quote page for delivery charge to your area.
  • Balance of invoice to be paid prior to delivery if not pre-paid.

Providing Wholesale Grain Bin Storage Equipment for Canadian Farms