Darmani prides itself on its world class, state-of-the-art, automated fabricating equipment which manufactures bins quickly and efficiently. The onsite assembly requires manual labour and is seasonal. This limits the amount of bins that can be scheduled for setup in a season. Booking early ensures setup by experienced Darmani assembly crews.

It is true--the bin is only as good as its installation. A poor installation by an inexperienced crew can impact the performance of a bin and how it works for the end user. This is why we take great pride in workmanship. Our crews spend extra time to ensure bin assembly is done properly, with a full time co-ordinator who assists in every stage. Built right. Built on time.

Each product has its weight listed under the [Specifications] tab on the each product page.

Depends on size and options, but generally a experienced set up crew of 5-6 guys can average 10-12,000 bushels per day.

You will need some sort of lifting device. Depending on both size and availability, you will need either a bin crane, picker truck or bin jacks.

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