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Currently, we are only offering hydraulic. However, we are working on electric over hydraulic units which will be available in the future.

As speed is important, we recommend having 25 gallons per minute with two outlets. This usually doesn’t pose a problem as most farm operations are equipped with a tractor to accommodate this.

Best system on the market today. The Cross Air is suspended by a tubular framework featuring “auto-retract” legs allowing operator to easily lift for final clean up from outside the bin without the need to enter the middle of the grain bin. First, the operator starts the horizontal auger taking grain out until natural hopper in middle remains. Secondly, from outside the bin, the operator starts the vertical auger which pulls grain up out of the middle allowing the binsweep to move around feeding the horizontal auger for the remaining grain pile with the binsweep backboard leaving only kernels behind for operator to sweep.

Fast and easy. Featuring auto-retract legs, the operator only goes into the bin for one final sweep. The outside unload tube is raised to accommodate bigger swing away augers and if two bins are purchased the unload tubes can be facing each other.

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