Wall Sheet Size 44” 44”
Wall Corrugation 4” 4”
Galvanizing G115 G115
Bolt Plating JS1000 JS500
Roof Stregnth #5000 #4-5000
Roof Slope 30 deg 30 deg.
Lid Opening Size 52” Track Mount 33-52”
Ladders Std. Std.
Level Indicator Std. ($125 value) G.Gauge
Anchor Pkg Std. ($144 value) Optional
# of Legs 10 9
Manhole YES YES
Slide Gate YES-handle to outside for operator convenience   YES
Skid type  2-4x6 with Premium "Wedge" design for added support Triple 4x4
Aeration 24” Rocket
Warranty YES YES
Compare $ (Non-Air) *$12,069.00 $15,295-$17170
Compare $ (With Air) *$13,200.00 $17,895-$19350

DARMANI price for Hopper bins with and  without air is a prepay/lease price.  (Additional discount was applied to above pricing)

All specifications taken from competitor websites, brochures, flyers and catalogues. Comparisons are to used as an informative guide. Manufacture may update or change information without notice. Sakundiak, Behlen, Twister, Goebel, Westeel WideCore and Westeel Centurion are registered labels/trademarks or brands that are registered names or registered trademarks of their respective companies. *DARMANI not responsible for updates or listing errors. *Westeel prices were taken from phone survey and are subject to change without notice and may vary from dealer to dealer.  *To ensure pricing is up to date- Contact a Westeel authorized dealer.    


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