Grain Storage Equipment Comparisons

What is the best solution to store your grain? What options are available? In this section we compare the strengths and weaknesses of various products. We hope to making your buying decision and informed one. If you have any questions, please send us a message and we'll do our best to answer them.

Length of storage time TEMPORARY
Recommended 4-8 months max.
As long as you want.
Spoilage Studies show @ $0.10/bushel . Virtually zero with aeration.
Monitoring Difficult. EASY with temp cables.
Maximizing weight Can't be done. EASY with moisture cables and aeration to add weight increasing market value.
Risk Level
Moderate to extremely high depending on commodity and length of time stored. Extremely low if monitored.
Risk Level
Very high in areas with wildlife such as bears, caribou, elk, deer, birds, crows. Zero.
Risk Level
High – one rip/tear can leave grain susceptible to all sorts of unwanted critters. Zero - bugs can be controlled with aeration and rats/mice don't' like steel floors.
Risk Level Theft/Vandalism High – bags are out on farmland with usually nobody around so are susceptible to both vandalism and grain theft . Zero - steel bins are usually on farm storage and can be locked.
Filling at harvest time If rented land – can put on remote land locations eliminating some trucking times. If owned land - Can put on home farm Note: Darmani 52" lids make it easier to fill at harvest time than most bins.
Unloading Difficult - Takes extra labour. Easy - with fast unloading augers.
Unloading extra labor times

Difficult - Often time, a lot of snow removal has to be done prior to getting access to bags.

Easier - Unloading at farm is easy snow can be controlled.
Ability to take sample Hard- have to get access and then reseal - always run the risk of oxygen/moisture problems. Easy - just draw one load.
Environmentally-friendly No - have to dispose of bags. May be extra charge to do so. Yes.
Equipment required Grain bagger, unloader, grain cart. No additional equipment as use existing augers.
Equipment cost $125-175,000 No additional equipment
Grain bagging $0.37/bushel.
Click for gov’t study
Annual cost per bushel storage.
Click for gov't study
Darmani flat bottom $0.30/bushel
Click for gov't study
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Static Pressure High - Air is forced from the bottom. Substantially reduced as air has @ 6' less to push as cross air is suspended.
Air Restrictions High - Air is restricted by having to force air through small holes leaving only 17% open area. Zero - All the air is blown out.
Air movement (air travels path of least resistance) Good - Full floor is better than square pits in that it reaches outsides better having perforated material to the ends. Excellent - Cross air is designed to have the air blow evenly on all sides of the bin.
Centre core air movement Good - Full floor aeration allows air to move in all directions. Excellent - With optional cross air tower, the air travelling through the center core and up the center is greatly increased.
Fines/build up
Problem - At some point in bins life, fines/build up occurs causing air to force fines into floor filling up underneath blocking air flow. This has to be disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled. No problems - never have to reassemble.
Ice/snow build up concern Potential Problem - Center clump build up can cause centre unload gearbox to jam leaving bin unable to be centre unloaded. No problems - As centre is covered with galvanized material, big clumps can't build up.
Cleanout Good - When purchased with a center cleanout system, all customer needs is a broom. Good - Cross air is raised so when purchased with unload system, all customer needs is a broom.
Bin access Hard - Bins with full floor have panels that have to be removed prior to access. Easy - Darmani bin features easy access door with vertical lift chute.
Foundation required Full floor aeration only works with concrete. Cross air works on both steel floor or concrete foundations.
36' Air material cost $7450 (includes below)
Full floor aeration (.050 perf.).
Synitiro floor supports transition.
$4199 (includes below)
Structural tubular framework -Rolled galvanized tubing - Bin support brackets - Fan transition
*optional center tower $945 (includes supports to attach to peak ring)

PRICING NOTES:   Pricing of full floor aeration was gathered from independent phone survey and is used for comparative purposes.  Pricing varies from dealer to dealer

*Be sure to check with local dealer to confirm up to date pricing 


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Checking bins Moderate to hard - Easier than regular ladders. Still have to climb a lot of stairs. Easy - Like taking elevator at hotel.
Safety Moderate - A lot of stairs to climb increasing the chance of falling due to slippery conditions associated with outside conditions. Excellent - Operator rides up on a platform featuring heavy duty safety grab cables.
Assembly Hard - Recommended to have "special" assembly jigs on site as there are a lot of parts/pieces with everything assembled on site. Easy - Majority comes pre-fabricated from factory and brackets bolt on just as ladder.
Retro-fitable Yes. Yes.
Cost effective One staircase with platform can accommodate two bins. One skylift with platform can accomodate two bins
Priced on 36' Flat bottom bin costing $4200 Includes staircase and connecting platform and labor to install if building a new bin package. $2250- Includes one skylift and connecting platform and labor to install if building a new bin package.
PRICING NOTES:   Stair case pricing varies from dealer to dealer.  DARMANI Sky lift pricing includes all materials including winch (110 volt) safety cage, safety cable, safety grab hook. Click for video.     
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Cracks/moisture problems A lot of cement pads crack due to a number of reasons. Steel doesn't crack.
Sealing Difficult
*May require expensive seal form kit.
**May be necessary to have someone in every few years to reseal outside edges.
Easy - Bin bolts on the outside of the steel floor.
Sizes/availability Up to 36' diameter Up to 36' diameter
Cure time 28 days. N/A
Foundation requirements Remove topsoil use gravel/clay/sand mixture pack down well. Remove topsoil use gravel/clay/sand mixture pack down well.
Warranty Zero.
*No concrete company will honour workmanship as foundation is too important.
20 Years.
Insurable Yes - If lagged down with anchors. Yes - With anchors.
Resaleable No. Yes 100%
Adaptable Depends on application. Can be used on seed cleaning plants.

Rebar/wire mesh.
Concrete, caulking/sealant strips, angle iron rings, joiner plates, seal form or hire someone in to spray cement with coating.

Steel floor, anchors (heavy duty anchors available for hopper and large flat bottom bins)
**Darmani offers base angle iron rings or seal form kits for cement mount bins**

18' Diameter

Yds. Concrete = 10.5 @ $225
Labor = $1200
19' Diameter $3887*
Yds. Concrete = 11.5 @ 225
Labor = $1300
21' Diameter $4700*
Yds. Concrete = 14 @ 225
Labor = $1550
24' Diameter $6050*
Yds. Concrete = 18 @ 225
Labor = $2000
27' Diameter $7512*
Yds. Concrete = 22.5 @ 225
Labor = $2450
30' Diameter $9400*
Yds. Concrete = 28 @ 225
Labor = $3100
36' Diameter $13400*
Yds. Concrete = 40 @ 225
Labor = $4400
Click here for actual quote from concrete contractor. 
*Extra costs not included in above concrete quotation include the following: rebar/concrete pump /gravel/installation of full floor/unload equipment. **Volume discounts available. 18-24' bins are based on 24" sidewall and 12" depth (concrete based on $225/yard). 27-36' bins are based on 24" sidewall and 6" depth (concrete based on $225/yard).


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Volume Required 120,000 120,000 120,000 120,000
Bushels 5390 19,106 20,000 12,500
# of Bins/Bags Required 22.26 6.28



Cost of Bin/Bag $19,300 $30,760 $39,000


TOTAL COST $429,684.60





$3.58/Bushel $1.61/Bushel


Load-in Auger / Bagger $19,000 $19,000 $19,000 $33,200
Unload Auger / Unloader $10,500 $10,500 $10,500 $36,900
Grain Cart N/A N/A N/A


Total Equipment Cost $29,500 $29,500 $29,500 $105,000
TOTAL SYSTEM COST $459,184.60 $222,672.80 $263,500.00 $112,584.00
TOTAL INVESTMENT COST/BUSHEL $3.83/Bushel $1.86/Bushel



Years of Life 25 25 25 10
Original Cost $429,684.60 $193,172.80 $234,000.00 $7584.00
Salvage Value $42,968.46 $19,317.28 $26,350.00 $10,500.00
Depreciation $15,468.65 $6,954.22 $9,486.00 $9,450.00
Operations Cost $9,453.06 $4,249.80 $5,797.00 $2,310.00
Repairs & Maintenance $8,593.69 $3,863.46 $5,270.00 $5,250.00
Interest on Investment $30,077.92 $13,522.10 $18,445.00 $7,350.00
Years of Life 10 10 10  
Original Cost $29,500 $29,500 $29,500  
Salvage Value $2,950 $2,950 $2,950  
Depreciation $2,655 $2,655 $2,655  
Operations Cost $649 $649 $649  
Repairs & Maintenance $1,475 $1,475 $1,475  
Interest on Investment $2,065 $2,065 $2,065  
Annual BAG Cost/Bushel N/A N/A N/A $0.06/bushel
Spoilage - - - $0.10/bushel
TOTAL ANNUAL COSTS $70,437.32 $35,433.57 $45,842.00 $24,360.00
TOTAL ANNUAL COSTS/BUSHEL $0.59/Bushel $0.30/Bushel $0.38/Bushel $0.37/Bushel

*COST DATA  of Steel bins with hoppers and steel bin with concrete - (courtesy of FLAMAN Group of Companies)  NOTE: Study was done in 2011 by Saskatchewan Gov't .  This article is meant as for comparative purposes only.  The prices collected were given at time of article.  For up to date pricing, make sure you contact your local dealer of the respective manufacturer.  *Darmani provided pricing at time of article into this chart for comparative purposes. 



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