Static Pressure High - Air is forced from the bottom. Substantially reduced as air has @ 6' less to push as cross air is suspended.
Air Restrictions High - Air is restricted by having to force air through small holes leaving only 17% open area. Zero - All the air is blown out.
Air movement (air travels path of least resistance) Good - Full floor is better than square pits in that it reaches outsides better having perforated material to the ends. Excellent - Cross air is designed to have the air blow evenly on all sides of the bin.
Centre core air movement Good - Full floor aeration allows air to move in all directions. Excellent - With optional cross air tower, the air travelling through the center core and up the center is greatly increased.
Fines/build up
Problem - At some point in bins life, fines/build up occurs causing air to force fines into floor filling up underneath blocking air flow. This has to be disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled. No problems - never have to reassemble.
Ice/snow build up concern Potential Problem - Center clump build up can cause centre unload gearbox to jam leaving bin unable to be centre unloaded. No problems - As centre is covered with galvanized material, big clumps can't build up.
Cleanout Good - When purchased with a center cleanout system, all customer needs is a broom. Good - Cross air is raised so when purchased with unload system, all customer needs is a broom.
Bin access Hard - Bins with full floor have panels that have to be removed prior to access. Easy - Darmani bin features easy access door with vertical lift chute.
Foundation required Full floor aeration only works with concrete. Cross air works on both steel floor or concrete foundations.
36' Air material cost $7450 (includes below)
Full floor aeration (.050 perf.).
Synitiro floor supports transition.
$4199 (includes below)
Structural tubular framework -Rolled galvanized tubing - Bin support brackets - Fan transition
*optional center tower $945 (includes supports to attach to peak ring)

PRICING NOTES:   Pricing of full floor aeration was gathered from independent phone survey and is used for comparative purposes.  Pricing varies from dealer to dealer

*Be sure to check with local dealer to confirm up to date pricing 


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