Length of storage time TEMPORARY
Recommended 4-8 months max.
As long as you want.
Spoilage Studies show @ $0.10/bushel . Virtually zero with aeration.
Monitoring Difficult. EASY with temp cables.
Maximizing weight Can't be done. EASY with moisture cables and aeration to add weight increasing market value.
Risk Level
Moderate to extremely high depending on commodity and length of time stored. Extremely low if monitored.
Risk Level
Very high in areas with wildlife such as bears, caribou, elk, deer, birds, crows. Zero.
Risk Level
High – one rip/tear can leave grain susceptible to all sorts of unwanted critters. Zero - bugs can be controlled with aeration and rats/mice don't' like steel floors.
Risk Level Theft/Vandalism High – bags are out on farmland with usually nobody around so are susceptible to both vandalism and grain theft . Zero - steel bins are usually on farm storage and can be locked.
Filling at harvest time If rented land – can put on remote land locations eliminating some trucking times. If owned land - Can put on home farm Note: Darmani 52" lids make it easier to fill at harvest time than most bins.
Unloading Difficult - Takes extra labour. Easy - with fast unloading augers.
Unloading extra labor times

Difficult - Often time, a lot of snow removal has to be done prior to getting access to bags.

Easier - Unloading at farm is easy snow can be controlled.
Ability to take sample Hard- have to get access and then reseal - always run the risk of oxygen/moisture problems. Easy - just draw one load.
Environmentally-friendly No - have to dispose of bags. May be extra charge to do so. Yes.
Equipment required Grain bagger, unloader, grain cart. No additional equipment as use existing augers.
Equipment cost $125-175,000 No additional equipment
Grain bagging $0.37/bushel.
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Annual cost per bushel storage.
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Darmani flat bottom $0.30/bushel
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Providing Wholesale Grain Bin Storage Equipment for Canadian Farms